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WASP Cycle Monitoring System
wasp80.gif•    Prevents theft of bicycles
•    Directly targets bicycle theft with minimal resources
•    Visual verification enables an immediate targeted response
•    Produces vital evidence for a successful prosecution

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When an owner locks up their bicycle they either call or send a text to a security control room which automatically triggers the system to guard it.

If someone tries to tamper with the bicycle, a movement sensor on the lock emits a silent alarm which triggers a CCTV camera to zoom in and records the event. The live images on the security control room monitors are verified against the owner information. A security officer can then be sent to intervene.

SOS Response developed the WASP Cycle Monitoring System (CMS) in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary and the University of Portsmouth.

By combining state-of-the-art miniaturised electronics, intelligent use of Proven RFID technology, CCTV and Communication Software Integration we have reduced Crime by 90% over a 3 month period from October to December 2007.

Please click below to download a brochure or contact us for more information on how to deploy a system of your own.

CMS WASP Overview Brochure: (Download Brochure)
An overview of the Wireless Asset Security Protection, Cycle Monitoring System

CMS WASP Tags: (Download Brochure)
Movement sensing radio transmitters are combined with Sold-Secure ‘D’ Locks to protect bicycles.

CMS WASP Receivers: (Download Brochure)
Wireless receivers are deployed to Create Safety Zones where bicycles are parked in safety.

CMS WASP Monitoring Software: (Download Brochure)
Networked with the receivers it integrates with CCTV, Security & Communications platforms.

CMS WASP Implementation document: Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you/your organisation in implementing a system and preventing crime.
Last Updated ( Friday, 07 November 2008 )
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