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Consultancy Services

SOS Response provides highly focused consultancy services in the private and public sector.

We assist our clients by proving the link for business development, strategy, strategic market research, marketing, planning and return on investment analysis for healthcare, communication and Security technology.

With a deep understanding of innovation in technology and business, we create, develop and deliver business opportunities, products and services for our clients, helping them grow and become more competitive.

Our clients benefit by:

  • Having their strategic initiatives deliver the intended benefits.
  • Receiving high value added development and implementation support and at times leadership, focused on delivering results.
  • Having an ‘expert' and experienced management consultant working to develop the skills and confidence of their teams
  • Working with empowered consultants with a ‘Can do' attitude to making their strategy happen.
  • Having long-term benefits through skills and knowledge transfer to their staff.

Our consultancy services make a real difference to the strategic performance of the organisations we work with. As a reflection of this, our work has largely grown due to recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients.

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Contact us with details on your intended application and we'll provide you with more information about our consultancy process and how we can take your idea to proof of concept and commercial reality.

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